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The 4 Keys to Losing Fat if you are Big Boned, have a Slow Metabolism, or just find it hard to lose weight...


Stop doing long, slow sessions of cardio. If you hate endurance activities, you need to stop performing this type of cardio and focus on workouts that you're built for.
Not only will you enjoy them more, but you'll burn a lot more fat too.


You have to eat for your body type. For most people, just dropping calories by a little bit will do the trick. But if you're an Endomorph, then you've gotta be smarter.
This doesn't mean eating nothing but lettuce leaves for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You'll learn how to use meal timings so you can still eat what you want.


Stay away from supplements. Despite how good they sound, all these fat burning supplements will do nothing but empty your wallet.
While there are some that are worth a look, there aren't any that are necessary to maximise your fat loss.
And when you know how to lose fat quickly without them, you'll wonder why you spent money on them in the first place.


Don't starve yourself. Even though it sounds weird, research suggests that the types of food you eat matters more than the amount.
With Endomorph Fat Loss, you'll learn how to eat lots of tasty food while still burning fat like never before.


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Discover the Genetic Variables that are working against all your efforts to lose fat (and how to burn fat by turning them to your advantage)

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  • The truth about why you always struggle to lose fat, even when you do everything right...
  • The types of foods you need to eat if your body is stubborn about ridding itself of excess body fat (and which "healthy" foods you need to avoid like the plague)
  • Unusual workouts that burn fat several times faster than conventional cardio, even if you're not very fit at the moment and hate working out
  • And much, much more...



Discover how to give your genetics the finger and turn your body into a fat burning machine:

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Here's what a couple of people have to say about Endomorph Fat Loss:

I would like to thank you for all of the advice and tips that u have given to me . Ii follow it and supprisingly I was able to gain 15 lbs of pure muscle in just 6 weeks and burned all of my fat from 8% down to 5% and IM LOVING IT thank you.

John Tran

I recommend your site to every aspiring weakling I meet at the gym. In fact, I listen to what the "house pro trainer" (who they pay fifty-bucks-an-hour-for) and i know I could teach them better, just from what I've learned from you! I bought this for myself on my 36th birthday on July 1st as a birthday present to myself -- and boy, was it the best one I got because: THIS SHIT WORKS!

Andrew Bates, USA

Since i have received your newsletter i have become more slender and have develped a lot more strength. i have also finally started to notice definition...especially on my arms. i would already like to thank you for the help you have given me.


About a year ago my friend came across your guide and had mentioned it to me. I had a look at the sales page and to be quite honest, I wasn't very impressed and decided it was just another typical, regurgitated e-book by some random guy trying to make a buck or two.

Well, as the weeks passed I took notice of my buddy who seemed to be getting in better shape with each day and finally worked up the nerve to ask him if he was taking steroids. He laughed and asked me if I remembered that "ebook website" he emailed me those few short weeks ago. That's all it took.

I bit the bullet and bought your course and haven't looked back since. The knowledge I've gained has been invaluable to me.

12 weeks after following your techniques I had gained 22 pounds and went from 15% to 10.5% body fat which was an incredible accomplishment for me since I had gone years working out without any success gaining muscle mass.

Now guess who's being accused of taking steroids? THANK YOU!

Jake, USA



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